What does shutter mean on a camera?

Answer Shutter is the device on the camera that allows light onto the film or the digital camera's picture.A camera shutter allows light to pass to the film or optical sensor for a specific length of time... Read More »

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What does "max and min shutter speed mean" for a video camera?

it means the same as for a still camera. the shutter speed is one factor in setting the exposure. for most video cameras, the minimum shutter speed is usually the field rate (1/50 sec for PAL, 1/60... Read More »

What does the shutter do in the camera?

AnswerExposes the film or digital sensor to light projected from the lens of your camera for a given duration. This can be anywhere from 1/4000 seconds to 30 seconds, depending on your camera.

What does a shutter do in a camera?

controls the amount of light reaching the film/sensor-from nearly dark to the Sahara at midday, so the picture is viewable.

What is 'long shutter' Does every camera have it How exactly do you use it?

The shutter is the thing that opens up to allow light to hit the film or digital sensor. Long shutter means that the shutter will be open for a while, and thus let lots of light in. This is useful ... Read More »