Items to Shred?

Answer Some people can steal your identity by going through your trash. Therefore, it is best to shred sensitive documents prior to placing it in the garbage. Sensitive documents may include information, ... Read More »

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How do I shred a mattress?

Find a Shredding LocationSearch the Internet to locate organizations that accept donated mattresses for the purpose of shredding them. Call your city or county waste management department to ask ab... Read More »

How to Shred Soap?

Shredding soap is really easy you only need 2 things.

How to Shred Meat?

Shredding meat, whether it is pork, beef, or poultry, provides a versatile way to serve a dish. Shredding meat improves texture and allows the meat to be tossed in a sauce, easily soaking up its fl... Read More »

How to Shred Lettuce?

Thinly shredded lettuce is a great addition to many meals as either as a substitute for rice in sauced dishes, or as a topping for meals like enchiladas. Because the leaves of the lettuce tend to p... Read More »