How to Do Shorthand Notations?

Answer Shorthand notations can be used to write faster and take notes during a lecture, a meeting, or even while consulting reading material. Shorthand notations allow you to record information by using a... Read More »

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How to Write Shorthand?

Taking notes can get tedious, and often take a long time. Using shorthand can make it a lot easier. How do you write shorthand? This article will tell you using simple steps!

How to Learn Shorthand?

Shorthand is an alternative writing system developed to write English faster than printing or writing in cursive would normally take. It usually consists of lines and may use other symbols to help ... Read More »

Shorthand Tips?

There are many reasons to learn shorthand. Whether you are a shopkeeper, a student taking notes in class, or a professional stenographer, shorthand helps. Many colleges offer courses in shorthand w... Read More »

Methods of Shorthand?

Shorthand is an abbreviated form of writing that allows the user to increase the speed at which they take notes to enable detailed versions of speeches to be taken down on paper and used later for ... Read More »