How to Make a Scabbard or Sword Sheath?

Answer You've made a broadsword, you've crafted yourself a dagger, but you begin to realize, you have nowhere to put them! Do not fear, good citizens, for this fine article shall teach you how to make a s... Read More »

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How to Make a Plastic Scabbard?

A scabbard is also known as a knife sheath. The scabbard is placed over the blade of a knife to protect the blade and to protect individuals from being cut when it is in storage. Leather, man-made ... Read More »

Homemade Bokken Scabbard?

As a beginning student in iaijutsu and battoujutsu, you will likely start out using a bokken, or wooden sword. Because these two arts focus on drawing techniques, you need a sheath, or scabbard, to... Read More »

What is the scabbard that Japanese steak-house chefs put their knives in?

Japanese steak-house chefs put their knives in wooden scabbards. The scabbards are shaped like knives, and each is made for its specific knife. Each scabbard typically has a small, braided string.S... Read More »

How to Sheath a Tonfa?

A tonfa is a martial arts weapon native to the Okinawan islands in southern Japan. They were originally part of rice-grinding equipment dating from the 15th century, but the thick wood also makes a... Read More »