How does a shallow well work?

Answer A shallow well is made by boring into an underground aquifer, usually at a depth of less than 100 feet. Shallow wells are often used where the water table is very high.FeaturesA shallow well typic... Read More »

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Does shallow breathing contribute to low blood pressure/slow movement?

Well, the normal value for the ventilation rate( how many times do you inhale air ) is around 16 times/minute; you should know that oxygen inhalation is VERY important for brain metabolism and its ... Read More »

What is a shallow roasting pan?

One piece of cookware that almost every kitchen benefits from is a shallow roasting pan. Made heavy for baking in the oven and cooking on top of the stove, most shallow roasting pans have low sides... Read More »

What is the shallow depression in the brain called?

The shallow depressions of the brain are known as sulci. Each sulcus is separated by a gyrus, which are the elevated sections of the brain. The combination of sulci and gyri give the brain its spon... Read More »

What depth is considered a shallow roasting pan?

A shallow roasting pan is typically between 2 and 2 1/2 inches deep. Roasting pans are often made of stainless steel and contain a rack on which to put roasts, turkeys and other large cuts of meat,... Read More »