What does senior fellow mean?

Answer A senior fellow is usually an elected governing member of a university or medical research facility, and an experienced and respected scholar or practitioner. Senior fellow is the highest rank of f... Read More »

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Are there any cited court judgments involving a junior ranking officer in a senior appointment giving an order to a senior officer in rank. What was the details of this case?

No, signing up for the Coast Guard, both Active duty and reserves is just like anyother military service, and "they" pay you.If you're interested in a non commital Coast Guard type job, there's alw... Read More »

Can a juinor ranking officer in a senior appointment give an order to a senior officer in rank?

Traditionally, a Junior Officer acting in a higher rank, may only give orders to those of his acting rank or lower.For example: A Lieutenant, Royal Navy, with an acting rank of Lieutenant Commander... Read More »

Were you ever given a senior discount...and you are not a senior?

Hi Sweet Judy, No i didn't but now i am consider a Senior and i will take what i can get.. Every penny cost specially now a days.. Lol.. Sad But True!!!A Friend,poppy1

Fellow TTC's please help me out!!?

stay strong & positive.Test in a few days. Your levels double every 72hrs. Morning urine.Because you have already missed your period it could mean you are pregnant. (butthere is also all the stress... Read More »