Semper paratus with cactus insignia?

Answer Semper paratus means 'always prepared', the motto of the US Coast Guard.

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What does Veritas vos Liberabit Semper Vigilo Fortis Paratus et Fidelis mean?

Veritas vos liberabit - The truth will set you free. Semper vigilo fortis paratus et fidelis - I am always vigilant, strong, prepared, and faithful.

Would you get Semper Fidelis as a tattoo or shorten it to Semper Fi?

I would not advise getting a tattoo. There might be a later time when you wished you didn't have it.

What does"Semper Fi"mean?

The saying "Semper Fi" is an abbreviation of the Latin phrase "Semper Fidelis," meaning "always faithful." Semper Fi has been a motto for the United States Marine Corps since 1883.References:Dictio... Read More »

What does semper wilko mean?

You probably mean Semper vigilo, which is Latin for "I am always vigilant".