What does semi formal mean?

Answer Semiformal describes the attire for an event where it is not required to fully dress up, but it is required to look nice. For men, this means a suit without the vest or a button-down shirt with a t... Read More »

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What does semi-permeable mean?

A semi-permeable material is one that allows some substances to pass through it but blocks other substances from passing through. An example is the semi-permeable cell membranes that allow osmosis ... Read More »

What does semi-bars mean?

A semi-bar is a horse saddle size. The semi-bar, also known as the semi-quarter bar, is the most commonly purchased horse saddle. According to the Horse Saddle Shop, it is for horses with a medium ... Read More »

What does semi-formal dress mean?

Semi-formal attire is typically worn to special occasions like weddings. For men, it consists of a suit with a dress shirt and tie, and black shoes. Women should wear a cocktail dress or dressy pan... Read More »

Are snapdragons perennial or semi-annual?

The summer-blooming snapdragon is considered an annual flower. Snapdragons come in a variety of bright colors from reds to yellows. The annual flower is ideal as a border flower or cut flower.Sou... Read More »