What household items are selectively permeable?

Answer a plastic baggie is selectively permeable. if you put a baggie of starch and place it in a bowl or container full of water and iodine, the starch bag will change a color while the water/iodine mix ... Read More »

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What does semi-permeable mean?

A semi-permeable material is one that allows some substances to pass through it but blocks other substances from passing through. An example is the semi-permeable cell membranes that allow osmosis ... Read More »

What is more permeable sand or clay?

Sand is far and away more permeable than clay. Water poured into sand disappears in moments. Clay layers in the earth can effectively block the penetration of moisture. Big time.

What Is the Difference Between Permeable & Impermeable?

In the science professions and fields, the words permeable and impermeable are often used to describe whether or not a material or substance can allow liquids or gases to pass through its surface.

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