What does sclerotinia sclerotiorum need to grow?

Answer Sclerotinia sclerotiorum, like many other fungi, need moisture and available nutrients (carbohydrates) to germinate. They then invade nonliving organic matter, and use this as a base to infect livi... Read More »

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Is sclerotinia white mold in carrots dangerous to humans?

Sclerotinia is a genus of mold that affects food crops. Sclerotinia sclerotiorum is a pink mold that creates toxins harmful to humans when infesting celery. Sclerotinia minor is a white mold that i... Read More »

I want to grow taller im a male and 17 years old im 5.8 in height will i grow any more my dad is 5.5 and mom is 5.4 i dont do drugs smokeing or drink alchol i would like to grow six foot?

Answer If you are a female you may not grow much more. You are probably at your full height and natural adult weight.If you are male, you may grow for another 3 years or so. You can probably bulk... Read More »

Is it true that if you shave at a young age, the hair will grow back faster as you grow older?

Although doctors have confirmed this as a myth, i am still a strong believer that it does. Doctors believe that hairs only appear thicker because the end of the hairs have not blunted out yet. Howe... Read More »

How good will my chronic grow if I grow it under under a Phillips halogena 75watt flood light?