What does scientology believe about after death?

Answer Scientology is a religious movement and belief system that was created in 1955 by the American science fiction author, L. Ron Hubbard. The religion puts a strong emphasis on self-knowledge and psyc... Read More »

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Why do so few of you believe us about what adoption does to adoptees?

Because if people decided to listen to the truth it would mean missing out on what they want. Separation trauma is a well known fact of life. It has been around for a very long time as has many o... Read More »

What does Taft believe about the US foreign policy?

Diplomatically: 1948, one of the first countries (along with USSR) to recognize the state. Militarily: 1973 war. The 1948 war involved arms imports from the Eastern Bloc, the 1956 war was a "team"... Read More »

What does power after death mean in estate terms?

Power after death relates specifically to trusts or similar accounts that require certain goals to be met before the beneficiary can receive the inheritance. Setting up a trust that can only be acc... Read More »

How long after the death of a person in Florida do you have to wait to get a death certificate?

Florida residents can order or request a death certificate immediately after a person's death. The time it takes to receive the certificate depends on the processing speed and postal transit time.S... Read More »