How to Get Prostate Relief With Saw Palmetto?

Answer Unfortunately, as we all age we are likely to suffer from various ailments. With men, it's statistical likely that once you've exceed the age of 40 that you will experience some kind of difficulty ... Read More »

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How to Apply for a Palmetto Scholarship?

Established in 1988, the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education began to administer the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship Program. The program was designed to reward high-achieving students, whil... Read More »

Hair Products Containing Saw Palmetto?

Saw Palmetto is a botanical extract found in many hair products that claim to slow or reverse hair loss. Native to coastlines of the southeastern United States, this palm plant produces a reddish-b... Read More »

Palmetto bugs smell like cherries?

I don't think palmetto bugs are cockroaches although they look like them and are in the dark and I think they even can leap. We (FL) used to go to play putt putt golf in the late evenings and they... Read More »

How to Kill Palmetto Bugs in the House?

A palmetto bug is another name for a cockroach. There are dozens of cockroach species, and they all can carry diseases and bacteria. They can multiply quickly and contaminate your food supply. If y... Read More »