How to Be Sassy?

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How to Be Sassy and Lively?

Being sassy and lively is a deadly combination if you plan to dazzle a special someone. Or if you are trying to bring a little more spice into your life. Either one, people will find you more attra... Read More »

Sassy Hairstyles?

If you are looking for a way to spice up your look, consider changing up your hairstyle. Depending on the cut, color and style, your hair can say a lot about you, and you can use it to make your pe... Read More »

How to Be Sassy but Cool?

This guide gives you the proper instructions on how to be mean, but not TOO mean.

How to Make Sassy Water?

Sassy water is spruced up water named by the Prevention magazine in honor of its inventor Cynthia Sass, who created it for the "Flat Belly Diet".[1] It's water with a buzz and a vibe, tasting a gre... Read More »