What does s n mean in texting?

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How does texting to Japan differ from texting to people in your own country?

The texting address on almost all Japanese mobiles are actually an e-mail address. If you ask your friend for their address, you can text them from a PC e-mail to their phones.

What does"sic"mean in texting?

"SIC" in texting or other online usage is an acronym. It stands for "Spelling is Correct." In more general usage, outside of online formats, "sic" is placed in brackets after an incorrectly spelle... Read More »

What Does"SOP"Mean in Texting?

SOP is an abbreviation for Standard Operating Procedure, according to However, SOP can also be used as an abbreviation for Same Old Place. In order to determine which definition is co... Read More »

Texting 911?

Unfortunalty, as of now, you cannot txt 911. In the event of an emergency, you can contact 911 and not respond to the operator. Do it more than once and help will be summoned to your location. Nowa... Read More »