How to Even Out a Ruddy Complexion?

Answer Not everyone is born with perfect and evenly toned skin. In fact, many individuals complain about having a ruddy complexion. This happens when an individual’s skin appears to have a reddish tint ... Read More »

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What Do You Need in a Makeup Kit for Ruddy Faces?

People with a reddish, pink or red-bluish tint to their skin and do not tan easily have a ruddy skin tone. A lack of melanin -- the chemical that gives skin its color -- causes this skin tone. Loca... Read More »

How to Tone Down a Ruddy Complexion?

If your facial skin tends to appear ruddy or blotchy, you probably came by it naturally since this skin type is often inherited. Other factors may cause a ruddy complexion such as over-exposure to ... Read More »

How to Improve a Ruddy Complexion?

A ruddy complexion is often due to rosacea, a skin condition that leaves the skin looking flushed and, in extreme cases, causes pus-filled bumps to appear. Topical creams and antibiotics help reduc... Read More »

How to Manage Ruddy Skin?

Ruddy skin types often come with their own challenges. Even some big name celebs have to deal with it. If you have a fresh, healthy, ruddy skin tone it can sometimes be difficult to deal with its i... Read More »

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