What does rough cut edition mean?

Answer The term "rough cut edition" is most often used in the film industry, and refers to the stage in offline film editing where the film is still in an unfinished state. The term is also used in book p... Read More »

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What does rough in mean?

installation of main lines to the point of protruding through the walls before the framing is covered up by the drywall or sheetrock. with the pipes stubbed out past the wall line to connect the fi... Read More »

What does"rough cut gemstone"mean?

Rough-cut gemstones are those that have had their rough edges removed and that have been polished so they can be judged for color, clarity, carat weight and other factors. Rough cut gemstones that ... Read More »

What does rough cut gemstone mean?

Rough cut gemstones are those that have been mined but have not been extensively cut or polished, according to the Tradeshop website. Rough gemstones are often cobbed, meaning they are hammered to ... Read More »

What does rough cut gem stone mean?

A rough cut gemstone is one that has been removed from a mine, but has not yet been professionally shaped or polished. It may have been crudely cut into a shape that resembles a finished gem, but n... Read More »