What does it mean if you get a data roaming message on your iPhone 4?

Answer Depending on what iOS you have it varies, if both iPhone 4 and 3GS had iOS5 the only difference would be not having the switch camera button in the Camera App and FaceTime.

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What does data roaming on the iphone do?

iPhone 3G: Talk time- 5 hours on 3G, 10 hours 2GStandby- Up to 300 hoursInternet use- 5 hours 3G, 6 hours wi-fiVideo play back- Up to 7 hoursAudio play back- Up to 24 hoursiPhone 3GS:Talk time- 5 h... Read More »

Does Alltel charge for roaming?

Alltel, now part of Verizon wireless, does charge for both domestic and international roaming. The rates for roaming vary by area and may not be billed to the customer immediately. According to Ver... Read More »

Should you enable data roaming while I stay in the same country I am not leaving this country so I won't get any charges so should I enable data roaming on iphone 4 or not?

Yes, when purchusing from Apple show them your student ID. Usually 10% off or a free gift if they are having a promotion.

What is Data roaming on the Iphone 3G?

Just leave it off. Roaming means that you are in an area where the AT&T service is not available and the only reason why you have service is because there is another service available to use. Howev... Read More »