Does anybody else think swine flu is ridiculous!!?

Answer The public health authorities are behaving correctly imo, but the hype and hysteria is a bit fishy if anything. It is as if it is being manipulated for political ends..

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What is the most ridiculous answer to this question?

what is the most ridiculous question to this answer?

What is Wikipedia's most ridiculous "barnstar" or other award?

I would say that the "Motivation Barnstar" is clearest evidence that Wikipedia is a cult, thriving on external boosterism of the failed system and community. This barnstar just makes you shake you... Read More »

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Big Balls - AC/DC hahah…

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The amount of times I've taken my son to the emergency room- 12.He was born at 30 weeks, and was a sick newborn.He had Meckles Diverticulitis- and had a MAJOR surgery.He has epilepsy..I was told I'... Read More »