What does revise mean when you are writing a book or a story?

Answer After writing a first draft (and subsequent drafts) of a book or story, the revision process begins. Whether performed by the author or by other individuals, a revision changes, reformats and/or re... Read More »

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How do I Revise and Edit Strategies When Writing an Essay?

Revising and editing an essay takes time and concentration. Writers use several strategies to make the process run more smoothly. Knowing and trying several revision and editing strategies can impr... Read More »

Story Ideas for Book Writing?

A good book should have unique story ideas, but sometimes it's difficult to find ideas that will keep the audience interested and still be informative. When looking for good story ideas from curren... Read More »

What does"scope"mean when writing a college paper?

When you are writing a college paper, scope refers to the specific limits that the paper's topic will cover. In a college paper's scope, it is expected that the student will specifically mention wh... Read More »

How to Revise Writing?

Writing revision is the process of reviewing, analyzing, editing and proofreading written work to improve its quality. Learning how to revise writing is an important skill for students, writers, bu... Read More »