What does responding to ethical pressures mean?

Answer Jiminy Cricket once gave Pinocchio a lesson in how to tell right from wrong. As Pinocchio's conscience, Jiminy had the responsibility to develop Pinocchio's ethical construct. When we think about t... Read More »

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What do you think about pressures to be beautiful at work?

yes. beauty is wonderful for a job. BUT sometimes it doesn't matter that much. it matters about your personality, how you think, what you believe or disagree, what ideas you have to work and do you... Read More »

Do you think Facebook pressures you (in a sense) to be a better person?

Not really. It makes me a worse person because I know I can get away with being a smartass as by the time people are close enough to slap me they've already forgotten what I said :P

What Causes Differing Temperatures & Pressures on Earth?

Weather on the planet Earth is caused by both the temperature and the air pressure. The temperature and air pressure differs depending on the location, and this causes changes in the weather throug... Read More »

What Are Typical 134A Manifold Gauge Pressures?

A vehicle's air conditioning system is an important component in hot weather. The 134A refrigerant, and its resulting manifold pressure, provide a way to maintain the coolest air for the vehicle's ... Read More »