What does residential mean?

Answer Having residence. Anything related to where people live.

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What does it cost to put up a simple residential speed limit sign?

The actual residential speed limit sign costs no more than a few hundred dollars, maybe less. However, the speed study to establish the the proposed speed limit is appropriate may cost much more t... Read More »

Does anyone know what time construction work on sites should start in the mornings in a residential area?

Actually, I think in Denver it is 6 am. I would guess no later than 7, and then I would guess that means no actual construction before 7, they can probably still be on site at 6:30.

How Does Freon in Residential AC Work?

Freon is DuPont's trade name for hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFC) with the most common version being dichlorodifluoromethane. Otherwise known as R-12 or Freon 12, the product is mostly used as a ref... Read More »

How does a gas residential boiler work?

A residential gas boiler delivers comfortable, radiant heat without the need for forced air. Instead, this system pumps heated water to radiators throughout the home, allowing heat to escape from ... Read More »