How does the US justify holding a military base on Guantanamo that Cubans resent?

Answer Essentially the Castro Government doesn't like it because in their eyes, the 1903 Cuban-American Treaty isn't valid because it was signed when Cuba wasn't a sovereign nation. That's like saying the... Read More »

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How do I delete resent google searches?

there are many ways doing this based on the browser you are can read my full article about this here..…Hope this helpsToyang Qhttp://tipsandtric... Read More »

Do you resent the fact you're pregnant?

Those 20 years of no periods were gonna catch up to me eventually...:)

Can a text be resent from originator to an unknown number How?

If stomach ache what does it mean also vomitish does it really mean pregnant plz tell me?

1st, in the future please use complete English sentences, it helps get your point across2nd, what you are feeling could be any number of bacteria or viral infections, as well as several medical con... Read More »