Are dividends relevant to shareholders?

Answer On One Hand: Stability and Current Income.For many investors, dividends are an important component of their investment strategy. Income derived from dividends can be used to augment needs for curre... Read More »

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Are film cameras still relevant?

Film cameras are honestly about as relevant to people as VHS tapes are. Only a small selection of people still use them because of the cheap price, familiar ease of use, and so forth.

Are shakespeares plays still relevant?

Yes. Works of art don't become obsolete. The plays of Shakespeare possess all (or most) of the ingredients of a good work and will continue to do so until humans evolve past the point of appreciati... Read More »

Relevant cases of nasciturus fiction?

Pinchin v Santam insurance co.RAF v Mtati Supreme Court of Appeal South Africa

Concepts of Sets That Are Relevant to Geometry?

Mathematics is elegant and beautiful in the way that seemingly disparate topics seem to converge in ways that are surprising at first, but upon reflection seem utterly necessary and even obvious. S... Read More »