What does registry cleaning mean?

Answer The registry in a PC is a single place where it stores information that it might need later. The registry contains information about installed applications, user profiles, hardware and ports that a... Read More »

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Does cleaning your registry?

if its anything like cleaning out the pipes then I would say yes....I know I move a little quicker when that's done:)good morning beautiful:)

Tips for Cleaning a Registry with Kaspersky?

A computer registry stores computer files and settings in the form of registry values and keys, which control how a computer runs. When malware, viruses or spyware infect a computer, they damage th... Read More »

Free Registry Cleaning Tools?

The Windows registry is a database that stores the settings of various configurations for the Microsoft Windows operating system. The settings can relate to system services, user interface, device ... Read More »

Where to download a good FREE registry cleaning software (Full Version)?

I use this totally free registry cleaner and it works really well. It cost $0.00 Here is the link to that site:…I think I got so many thumbs down because ... Read More »