What does region-free DVD film mean?

Answer If you travel abroad, you may have wondered why your DVD won't play in overseas DVD players. That's because of regional encoding, which limits the use of DVDs to a particular geographical area. Reg... Read More »

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Can you play region free dvds on region 2 DVD players?

Hello, dear if u can make sure the DVD is region free, it can be played in any DVD players.

Is PS3 Blu-ray region free?

The PS3 is region free for video games only, not for Blu-ray movies. Games made in Japan and imported into the United States will work on the system. However, Blu-ray and DVD movies are restricted ... Read More »

What Is Region Free?

Region free is a term used frequently when describing DVDs and DVD players that do not have region-encoding. A DVD without region-encoding can be played in any DVD player, regardless of where it wa... Read More »

What Does Region-Free Mean for a DVD?

A region-free DVD plays on virtually any DVD player manufactured in any country. Most DVDs are region-specific, making the discs readable only by DVD players from the same region or country of orig... Read More »