A Regimen for Acne?

Answer An acne regimen is a series of steps for taking care of your skin that you follow every day. The regimen will vary based on your skin type or your reaction to specific ingredients. Regimens usually... Read More »

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What is your dental regimen?

Like brush and floss three to four times a day. Cleanings every six months like clockwork (No cavities ever)

How to Know the Right Skin Care Regimen?

With so many products and brands on the market it's hard to know which skin care regimen is right for you, but not to worry: Every good skin care regimen has four steps in common. Regardless of you... Read More »

I would like to start a face regimen?

The more you wash the more you will dry your face out. The solution is to avoid using the hash soaps and cleansers that advertisers swear you need. Instead find a gentle face wash like cetaphil or ... Read More »

How to Use Regime and Regimen Correctly?

Regime and regimen are two extremely similar words - separated by only one letter, in fact! - but they mean two very different things and are often confused. Here's how to differentiate between the... Read More »