What does ea mean regarding the forex?

Answer Expert Advisors (EA) are computer programs that will automatically execute FOREX trades without human intervention. Each EA has particular criteria that denotes when and how often to execute trades... Read More »

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What does ftp mean regarding technology?

The acronym FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. On the Internet, FTP is a commonly used method of moving files between two servers. FTP servers are dedicated computers used for transmitting file... Read More »

What does fob mean regarding freight?

In freight, FOB stands for "free on board." This term means that a seller has to deliver merchandise aboard a freight vessel previously specified by the buyer. The definition of this legal term mig... Read More »

What does suckering mean regarding shrubs?

Suckering shrubs are shrubs that produce shoots that grow up all around the shrub. If the shoots have a strong root system, they can be separated from the parent shrub and transplanted elsewhere. T... Read More »

What does pineapple mean regarding soldiers?

It is an nickname for a grenade that stuck to something else