What does refurbished products mean?

Answer A refurbished product is one that was sent back to the manufacturer by the retailer to be restored to a like-new condition, after it was returned by a customer who used it. If the product was never... Read More »

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What does manufacturer refurbished mean?

The name "refurbished" is something of a misnomer. Typically, they're products returned to the manufacturer by customers, for any number of reasons, and then tested at the factory to make sure they... Read More »

What does a refurbished phone mean?

A refurbished phone means it is a used phone that has been repaired and restored to its original manufacturer's condition by a certified repair center authorized by the manufacturer. Once the resto... Read More »

What does Refurbished really mean?

Hi!!It is basically a used computer and has been refurbished... Sort of like the computer has been tuned up.. They are economical but don't expect it to last more then 2 to 3 years. I purchased a H... Read More »

What does Xbox 360 refurbished mean?

A refurbished Xbox 360 is a unit that has been either repaired or rebuilt to work as if it were new. They are normally either returns or trade-ins that have been fixed or repaired. A refurbished Xb... Read More »