What does reformatting my harddrive do?

Answer deleting everything in it

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Can I clone my harddrive onto an external harddrive?

You can use Norton Ghost (NOT free, although does have a trial) to clone drives, bit-for-bit...Trial:…Full: can also try one ... Read More »

Can I add a second harddrive without erasing or affecting the first harddrive?

yes it is posible just add the other hardrive ok but the hardrive has to be second slave not master slave ok

Can't connect to the Internet after reformatting my pc?

Define "can't" because I can't help unless you tell me what happens when you try, more details please :)

Need help fixing my laptop (or reformatting it)?

Maybe the bootloader itself is damaged, you might have been able to boot Ubuntu because it uses GRUB instead of ntldr (or bootmgr) I would recomend installing linux, its free anyway...