What does it mean to red-shirt a player?

Answer Redshirting is a practice used in collegiate athletics. Teams will not use a player in games for an entire season to extend that player's eligibility another season. This tactic is most common in b... Read More »

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What does hanging a shirt on the window of a broke down car mean?

Hanging a shirt or other material out of the window of a disabled or broken-down vehicle signifies that you require help from a police officer or tow truck, according to Tying a shi... Read More »

What does Simon's shirt with the monkey with the headphones mean in City of Ashes?

I believe you mean the shirt with the chicken. It means ' rock out with your cock out'.

What do dress shirt measurements mean?

Dress-shirt measurements are used for sizing men's shirts. The first number listed is the neck size, with the circumference around the largest part of the neck. The second number is sleeve length, ... Read More »

What do dress shirt size numbers mean?

Dress shirts are an important asset to business attire. Instead of trying on various shirts to find the best fitting one, a smarter option is to get measured. Dress shirt size numbers reflect simp... Read More »