What does reconditioned mean?

Answer The definition of recondition, cited from the The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition is, "To restore to good condition, especially by repairing, renovating, or reb... Read More »

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What is a reconditioned alternator?

An alternator is the part of the electrical system that charges the battery and provides electrical power to all the accessories. A reconditioned alternator is previously used but is cleaned, teste... Read More »

Reconditioned camera?

Mrs Kenny Chesney,Rrefurbished means the camera has been returned, lightly tested, cleaned, repackaged and then resold.Reconditioned means the camera has been thourougly tested, repaired (if necces... Read More »

What does factory reconditioned mean?

Factory re-conditioned refers to items that were built incorrectly originally or were somehow damaged before a customer purchased it. Occasionally, factory re-conditioned can simply mean that the p... Read More »

Are reconditioned juicers okay?

On One Hand: Reconditioned Makes Good Cost SensePurchasing a juicer that has been reconditioned "can be a great deal" according to an article on the Christian Science Monitor website. "If you don't... Read More »