What does reconcile mean on a BlackBerry?

Answer A BlackBerry device is able to automatically reconcile emails--in other words, correlate whether they have been read, deleted or sent--between your handheld device and computer.SignificanceThe reco... Read More »

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What does reconcile an account mean?

An account reconciliation is when an account balance is matched to an outside number. Differences may arise from timing differences, unexpected transactions or errors on either side. Bank account r... Read More »

What does SOS mean on a BlackBerry?

The appearance of SOS on a BlackBerry signals a malfunctioning SIM card. The SIM card may be damaged, improperly placed or not compatible with the phone. You can only make emergency calls when the ... Read More »

What does GSM mean on a BlackBerry?

When the GSM setting displays on BlackBerry phones it is often the result of a malfunctioning SIM card, lack of Internet access, network outages, being outside of primary coverage areas or a damage... Read More »

What does D& R mean on BlackBerry Messenger?

BlackBerry Messenger allows users to quickly send messages back and forth. The service displays a "D" beside messages that have been delivered to the recipient and an "R" beside messages that have ... Read More »