What does reconcile an account mean?

Answer An account reconciliation is when an account balance is matched to an outside number. Differences may arise from timing differences, unexpected transactions or errors on either side. Bank account r... Read More »

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How to Reconcile a General Ledger Account?

Good accounting controls means knowing what's in your balance sheet. If you don't reconcile your accounts on a regular basis you can't be sure if your financial statements are correct. Follow these... Read More »

How do I reconcile a checking account register?

TransactionsRecord all transactions. All transactions should be recorded as they occur. Don't forget to include transactions such as ATM withdrawals, debit card purchases and automated monthly paym... Read More »

How Do I Reconcile a Cancelled Check on My Bank Account?

At times banks make mistakes on their accounts or consumers may make mistakes tracking their accounts. In order to find and correct these mistakes, a person with a bank account should perform a ban... Read More »

How do I reconcile a running bank total checking account?

Note Transactions in Your CheckbookMake a checkmark in your checkbook register for each deposit and written check showing on your bank statement. Don't forget to check off all electronic transactio... Read More »