What does queued mean when downloading music?

Answer The general definition of a queue is "a line of things or people waiting." In downloading music, the word refers to a list of files waiting to be downloaded. Each music file will begin downloading ... Read More »

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What does"queued"mean on Bearshare?

Bearshare downloads show up as "queued" if the files are coming from other users who go offline or stop using Bearshare. A "queued" status also appears when the user removes the file you're trying ... Read More »

What does queued mean on LimeWire?

In the file-sharing program LimeWire, a queued file is a file that is waiting in line to be downloaded. Limewire can only download a set number of files at the same time, which you can set in the "... Read More »

What does"queued"mean on LimeWire?

When downloading files through LimeWire, a user can specify how many simultaneous downloads may take place. The remaining files waiting to be downloaded are in the queue. When the current file fini... Read More »

What does"queued locally"mean?

When downloading files from the Internet, the server where the file is located only has a limited number of ports into which you can connect. When all ports are being used by other downloaders, yo... Read More »