What is a print queue?

Answer omfg you mac users have the dumbest questions.You know what a queue is right? So it's documents in queue to be printed...spooler? line? any of these make sense?

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What is a printer queue in Windows XP?

The printer queue is a portion of memory set aside by Windows XP. This memory area, also called a spooler, is used specifically to manage documents that have been created and sent to the printer. E... Read More »

What is a printer queue name?

A printer queue name is the name given to a specific printer by the computer or server so that it can recognize it. The printer's queue name should be listed along with the printer's other informat... Read More »

What the heck is with instant queue on Netflix?

You have an instant queue so that you don't have to search for movies & / or shows you'd like to see. It also helps you keep track of movies & shows that'll soon be removed from instant viewing ava... Read More »

How to Delete a JMS Queue?

Configuring your computer to delete all messages in a JMS (Java Messaging Service) queue can be necessary when the number of messages in the queue has grown out of proportion to your ability to sto... Read More »