Is an English-to-English only dump of Wiktionary available (with all non-English entries removed)?

Answer Probably not. And with about a million English entries I doubt a portable device could take even half.~

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What does"lo que paso"mean?

Lo que paso translated into English means "what happened." It is also familiarly known as part of the phrase "lo que paso, paso," which means "what happened, happened."References:Spanish Dictionary

What is botika sa paso all about?

Answer If you place it so that the handles are up, you do not have to touch the working end of the freshly sanitized silverware when it's done. This position also puts the dirty end nearest the h... Read More »

Volunteering in el paso..?

This is an excellent program.…

El Paso Elk Hunting?

Elk hunting in El Paso is regulated by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD). The state has placed certain restrictions for anyone wishing to hunt elk.