What does 31GB harddrive mean Does that refer to the ram size?

Answer It means as of a hard drive 31GB is very small, as the OS will take up about 5GB (lil less maybe) leaving you with practical nothing.Another thing, that CPU is very slow.You get what you pay for, I... Read More »

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What does section 18 refer to?

This refers to a portion of the Adoption and Children Act 2002 (UK) regarding placement for adoption by agencies.

What does 1080 i refer to?

1080 vertical lines of resolution, but the i stands for interlaced, as opposed to p which stands for progressive. The difference is that interlaced updates odd lines, then even lines alternately. ... Read More »

What does the Alamo chain refer to?

"Alamo chain" can refer to five Catholic missions founded by the Spanish around San Antonio, Texas. The missions include the famous Alamo and are linked by the Mission Trail. Alternatively, "Alamo ... Read More »

What disease does the Masque of the Red Death refer to?