What does provisional pontic mean?

Answer A pontic is an artificial tooth. A provisional pontic is a temporary artificial tooth. Made of hard plastic or ceramic material, a pontic replaces a natural tooth that has been lost from accident o... Read More »

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Where are the pontic mountains located?

The Pontic Mountains are located in northern Turkey, along the southern coast of the Black Sea. The western end of the Pontic mountain range begins near the city of Sivas and the eastern end extend... Read More »

How to Program a Keyless Entry Remote for a 2000 Pontic Grand Prix?

It can be frustrating to misplace or break your keyless entry remote for your 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix. If you have lost or damaged your remote, the dealership will likely charge you $50 to $100 to ... Read More »

What is a provisional contract?

a contract is said to be provisional when the contract is done provisionally with a provisional agreement and against the contract the work order also issued provisiolally.

DIY: How to File for a Non Provisional Patent?

Patents legally safeguard your invention or intellectual efforts by confirming your proprietary rights to the work. In the U.S., the Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) registers all non-provisiona... Read More »