How long does a provisional driving license last?

Answer Depending on the state where you live, a provisional driving license can last up to two and a half years. This type of license is given to a teen driver of at least 15 and a half years of age as so... Read More »

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What does provisional pontic mean?

A pontic is an artificial tooth. A provisional pontic is a temporary artificial tooth. Made of hard plastic or ceramic material, a pontic replaces a natural tooth that has been lost from accident o... Read More »

Where can I find my driving license number I have both parts of my provisional license to hand.?

It will start with with the first 5 letters of your surname, followed by your date of birth in reverse.

At what age can you apply for a provisional driving license?

Provisional driver's license laws vary by state, but usually you can get one around the age of 16 after holding a learner's permit for a certain period. For example, in California you can get one a... Read More »

How do i report underage drivers (provisional license)?

jesus h christ, can anyone be a kid anymore? Look, I guess what I am trying to say is if the kids are doing something exceedingly dangerous that presents a clear potential of harm to themselves or ... Read More »