What does protein in the kidney do?

Answer The human body is 45 percent protein, but it cannot manufacture it by itself; protein must be replenished daily through food. The kidneys filter out proteins and other nutrients from the blood for ... Read More »

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Do kidney beans have protein?

Kidney beans are a "protein-rich superfood," according to WebMD. They make a good replacement for red meat in terms of protein. Other benefits of kidney beans are that they have a high fiber conten... Read More »

What does excess protein in the kidney mean?

Excess protein in the kidneys is diagnosed through urinalysis and is a condition known as Pproteinuria. This condition tells doctors that, for some reason, your kidneys are not functioning efficien... Read More »

Low-Protein Cat Food for Cats With Kidney Disease?

As a cat grows older, it may start to suffer from kidney disease. Once a cat has been diagnosed with kidney disease, it is important to watch the cat's diet, according to the Cat Health Guide. Kidn... Read More »

Kidney failure diet & low protein/high calorie diet. Recommendations please?

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