What is the prognosis of galactosemia?

Answer A baby with herpes can spread herpes through a bottle.

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What is the prognosis for buerger's disease?

One of the most common treatments is amputation, and is almost always life-shortening, and can be fatal.

What is the prognosis for ovarian cancer?

Ovarian cancer is a concern for all women, although it is more prevalent in older women. It's the fifth leading cause of cancer deaths for women in the U.S. According to the CDC, 19,842 American w... Read More »

What is the prognosis for cerebral palsy?

On One Hand: Difficult to PredictThere are four identified types of cerebral palsy--spastic, athetoid, ataxic and mixed--and the website says that it is difficult for doctors ... Read More »

What is the prognosis for graft-vs.-host disease?

Somehow the grafted cells develop a tolerance to their new home after six to 12 months, and the medications can be gradually withdrawn