What does profit accountability mean?

Answer Profit accountability means being held responsible for the earnings that are brought by a business. The failure or success of the expected earnings is evaluated, and the person or people in charge... Read More »

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What does profit margin mean?

Profit margin, or net profit margin, is one of many ways to determine a firm's profitability. Profit margin is determined by dividing net profit by revenue, and then multiplying the number by 100. ... Read More »

Why Is Economic Profit a Better Measure of Profit Than Accounting Profit?

Although rarely acknowledged, you can measure profit in more than one way. Sometimes numbers can deceive you, and this is the case when it comes to accounting profit, which merely shows profit on t... Read More »

What is the Importance of accountability?

being able to rely on some one. Keeping your word.

What is gross profit and net profit?

Gross profit represents the excess of your sales or revenue over the cost you incurred to make or manufacture products and services. Your net profit represents all income remaining after all expens... Read More »