What does professor emeritus mean?

Answer Professor emeritus refers to a professor who retires in good standing. More specifically a professor emeritus has had a distinguished career. It is the highest honor a college can bestow on a profe... Read More »

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What does chairman emeritus mean?

Emeritus is a term meaning "retired" and is used to indicate honorary titles that are retained even after retirement. A chairman emeritus is a retired chairman of a company or organization. Frank S... Read More »

What does president emeritus mean?

An “emeritus” is a retired professional who has been allowed to keep the title of the last office he held as an honorary designation. Therefore, a “president emeritus” is a former president... Read More »

If a German professor always like to put his hand on the shoulder of a Chinese girl what possibly does that mean?

Answer Nothing, maybe he's reassuring her cause she's his favorite student, and that's stretching it.

How Much Does a Theology Professor Make?

Theology professors typically teach Christian theology and biblical studies at colleges and universities. They also tend to teach other types of world religion courses and even philosophy in some i... Read More »