What does lamo mean (I probably did noy spell it correctly)?

Answer Welll LMAO is laughing my A$$ offthere is lol - laugh out loudafk - away from keysroflmao - roling on the floor laughing my a$$ offthere are tons - here is a page for you

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I am turning 59 in a couple of months and am wonderng probably when will I die and probably of what?

Hmm...I don't believe you come with an expiration date...check the bottom of your foot.. Just kidding..but really there is no accurate way of predicting this. You could live a long life, or you c... Read More »

What does it mean when you feel movement rite next to your belly button on the left hand side done a preg test said negative and went doctors and he said probably just my bowel but i think he is wron?

Answer Pregnancy tests are very sensitive and generally give very reliable results past the due date of a period. Also, you would not feel a baby moving until it was around four months after concep... Read More »

Smoking for 36 years.... does my dad probably have lung cancer right now?

About your dad's health, see a doctor, no one can diagnose by internet.About quitting tips, quitting is a serious matter, you'll need (a lot) more than "tips".Be aware of ...- No one can quit if no... Read More »

Celebrity Hijack: Does anyone else agree that it will probably be the CELEBRITIES that keep us watching.?

I totally agree and i think if the celebs dont do a good job then the ratings of this show are gonna drop but if they are as good as matt was then there shouldnt be a problem.