What does medvedev mean in russian?

Answer "Medvedev" is a common last name in Russia. It is based on the word "medved" which means "bear" in Russian. A famous Russian with this surname is Dmitry Medvedev, president of Russia. President Med... Read More »

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What does fluent in Greek& Russian mean? defines "fluent" as "spoken or written with ease." If a person is fluent in the languages of Greek and Russian, he is able to speak these languages smoothly and easily.References:Dic... Read More »

What does the Russian word paka mean in English?

The Russian word "paka" translates as "talk to you later" in English. "Schastliva" is another way to say, "talk to you later." The phrase "Do svi danya" is another way to say goodbye.References:Wom... Read More »

How Does Privet Hedge Regenerate?

Privet is a vigorous, fast-growing shrub that regenerates by means of seeds, cuttings or root extensions. An overgrown, sparse privet will fill out with regular aggressive pruning. Mature privets a... Read More »

How fast does a privet hedge grow?

According to the Plants For A Future website, the privet hedge is a medium- to fast-growing plant. A privet hedge growing in favorable conditions can take between nine and 10 years to grow to aroun... Read More »