What does print lead time mean?

Answer "Lead time" is the amount of time a newspaper or other media outlet needs to receive an organization's information and materials to "turn around a story for publication or airing," according to NOV... Read More »

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I need to do an inventory simulation on excel that considers lead time, any suggestions?

There is a PDF document that might be of assistance, and shows the layout of an MS-Excel worksheet. It is at this location: http://… There is another PD... Read More »

How to Print on Two Printers at a Time?

Whether you're working in an office or you simply need to print at double speed, you can configure your computer to print on two printing devices at the same time. This process requires you to use ... Read More »

Is there a way to set a document to print 2-sided all the time?

If you don not have a duplex printer with that option, it is not possibleOtherwise, you will need to print to one side, reverse the paper and print to the other side

Java: Quickly print current time?

You have a few options. 1. The built-in java.util.Date class's zero-argument constructor creates a Date object representing the current time.2. The System.currentTimeMillis() method returns the sys... Read More »