What does the gay pride rainbow mean?

Answer The gay pride rainbow, designed by San Francisco artist Gilbert Baker in the late 1970s, is a collection of colors. Each color has a special meaning. The pink stands for sexuality; the red stands f... Read More »

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What does the name Pride on the stock market mean?

The name Pride refers to Pride International, Inc. Pride International is also known in the stock market by the abbreviation PDE. Pride is on of the largest offshore and on-land drilling companies.... Read More »

Does lgbt pride day in San Francisco cost money?

Attendance is free, but not the parking and eating. So yes, it does cost money. Nothing is free except the air that you breath.

Does the male or the female rule a lion pride?

The weakest male of a pride is typically the leader over the females. However, all-female prides do exist. In these cases, a female is the obvious leader, and the females share a few male lions amo... Read More »

How much does a Pride Mobility Sonic Scooter weigh?

The Pride Mobility Sonic Scooter, with batteries, weighs 111 lbs. Without batteries, it weighs 93 lbs. Each of the two batteries weighs 9 lbs. The scooter has a weight capacity of 250 lbs. It is av... Read More »