What does pri stand for on an application?

Answer PRI is an acronym that stands for Primary Rate Interface, which is an ISDN technology utilized for digital communications. PRI features one D (data) channel alongside 23 B (bi-directional) channels... Read More »

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What does an EFC number on a FAFSA application mean?

On a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), the EFC is an abbreviation for "expected family contribution." The EFC is the amount of money your family is expected to contribute to your co... Read More »

What does"is not a valid win32 application"mean?

When the message "Not a valid Win32 application" is displayed, it means the file is either corrupt, missing, not designed for your version of Windows or a virus or malware file. Hardware incompatib... Read More »

What does years of schooling completed mean on a job application?

Years of schooling completed refers to the number of years the applicant has completed. Employers are more interested in the highest degree you obtained as opposed to the actual number of years you... Read More »

What does the EFC number you get on your Fafsa application mean?

It represents the Estimated Family Contribution, and it covers the school calendar year (fall and spring semesters/quarters). It determines whether or not you qualify for financial need based money... Read More »