Does a prenuptial agreement have to be witnessed?

Answer Prenuptial agreements require that the contract terms are in writing, are notarized and signed in the presence of two witnesses. Full disclosure of assets and terms presented during the drafting of... Read More »

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Does a Georgia prenuptial agreement need to be notarized?

George state law does not require that prenuptial agreements be notarized. However, legal experts at advise that both parties have a lawyer present at the signing in order to prevent... Read More »

Does a will supercede a prenuptial agreement in Indiana?

A will does not supersede a prenuptial agreement in Indiana. Indiana has enacted a variation of the Uniform Premarital Agreement Act (UPAA) which recognizes that a valid prenuptial agreement genera... Read More »

Does a prenuptial have to be signed by an attorney or notary?

You must have a notary sign and seal your prenuptial agreement for it to be legal. The attorney does not have to sign it. The bride and groom must also sign the document.Source:US Legal Answers: Wh... Read More »

Does a prenuptial agreement supercede equitable distribution?

Laws regarding prenuptial agreements vary from state to state, but as long as a prenup doesn’t propose something illegal, it supersedes a state’s equitable distribution laws. The purpose of a p... Read More »