Why should I use premium gas in my car?

Answer While low-grade gasoline will keep your car running, many mechanics and drivers recommend you use premium. High-octane gasoline is easier on your engine and a key component of an efficient fuel eco... Read More »

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Does my car need premium gas?

On One Hand: Car Experts Say No.According to car experts at the website of the nationally syndicated radio show "Car Talk," most vehicles run fine on regular unleaded fuel and do not require premiu... Read More »

Does an RX-8 need premium fuel?

A 2010 Mazda RX-8 sports car requires premium, unleaded 91 octane fuel to function optimally. The car is available in both a six-speed manual and automatic transmission styles and has a 1.3L, two-r... Read More »

Would premium gas hurt my car if I used it once?

Using premium gas in a car that calls for regular won't hurt your car, but it will cost you extra money at the gas pump, according to James Healey, who says, on, the modern engine "har... Read More »

Why does my car need premium fuel?

With today's high fuel prices, many people who have performance cars that require high-octane gas may be wondering why they should pay an extra 30 cents a gallon for it. While modern cars may not n... Read More »